Everything we do must have a purpose

Positive impact, or ‘influence’ comes as a phenomenon of value and effectiveness to others when a man in every action, moment of his self-being radiates what he has built for years within himself through time, circumstance and environment. Influence is neither real nor useful when we deliberately try to “influence” someone or a mass of people, so I cannot accept that generalized modern concept by which most today lead the mass towards an ideology, trend or cult with the primary purpose to exalt the “influencer”, not the deed, or to achieve the benefit of the people.

In which case I say I will never call myself an influencer. Only others who feel positively influenced by who I am, reflect, convey and do can consider me that way.

When I became part of medical studies, it was like starting sailing in the open ocean without a map, instructions, compass or any other aids. In this way, studies transcended the boundaries of teaching and researching a science, thus taking on the meaning of infinity where life in its many forms was unified in one sense – that medicine is only a form / language of it with the same meaning as the other sciences and arts. During the journey, the curiosity towards science and art of being “human” increased and I realized that the faculty / study frameworks are not enough to understand the diversity of our complexity, so I lived my body and mind with all the power, possibility and creativity.

One of the aspects of this exploration was the beginning of physical activity and the deepening into the labyrinths of my mind and soul.

During these years I was challenged by many external and internal factors, the amplitudes of which engraved me like waves, shaping and strengthening me despite the fact that during each challenge it seemed that the end of the pursuit of solution and light would never reach – as it did, with a liberating and inspiring feeling to keep the child in itself so small, exalted and curious about life.

Guided by this energy I managed to design a preventive health system with the philosophy that – we never end up creating (ourselves), and that health must be maintained throughout life, in order to fight the defeat or imprisonment of chronic diseases and various health problems – that almost with a guarantee come with age.

Ritwells sound like rituals (in English) which day by day and point by point make us feel good, shape us and guide us towards complete well-being which consists of more than the physical aspect. Physically we enter from our surface into ourselves, where we then deepen into the emotional, spiritual, mental, social, environmental and financial aspects which build us and constitute the beautiful and complex labyrinth of ourselves.

So my day and rituals start with waking up early, working with myself, people, constant study and nutrition that targets specific goals – 80% bodybuilding and all-round nutrition, and 20% fun, and it ends with a special importance towards sleep, and more than its duration – its quality.

Everything we do must have a purpose, and this applies from the most basic and primitive needs to the most sophisticated and evolutionary ones. Therefore, balancing ourselves is the hardest, eternal, daily work, but the most beautiful and useful thing we can do with the project of ourselves in life, where we all pursue comfort, tranquility and happiness.

With the right deeds, we do not need to follow them in anticipation of the one-time experience, on the contrary, we can live them every day – when we ‘graduate from ourselves’ and learn how to love, exercise, nurture and fulfill themselves, and consequently others.

Rita Parashumti

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